About Us

About us

Security Need Meets Experience

We are a full-service security company run and operated by an owner with Military overseas experience and law enforcement located in Houston, Texas, with all the professional experience and resources to provide the superior Patrol you deserve. We make sure of our dedication to quality, a genuine desire to ensure your safety, and a commitment to protecting the value of your assets.

We are committed to maintaining TPPS’s strong partnerships within the private and business communities. We believe in shared goals and active cooperation between the community and the TPPS are our strongest tools for Patrol against crimes.

Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients, who always come first. We strive to provide complete and satisfactory security and investigation services.

Innovative Business Approach

Houston Patrol Services recognizes the significance of utilizing our expertise and experience to keep our clients secure. We utilize cutting-edge technology to monitor accountability and patrol activity and furnish our clients with accurate information about their premises and our performance.  Our clients can receive reports on guard activity or incident management on a daily or weekly basis.

Qualified Officers

Houston Patrol Services carefully screens each individual officer to guarantee that we only select the best to uphold our reputation and protect our clients. Many of them have prior experience as law enforcement officers or military veterans.


Our Services

Armed Security Officer

All of our guards are certified by the state, licensed, and insured. Our guards undergo comprehensive training in defensive tactics, anti-terrorism, and customer service.

Unarmed Security Officer

The common perception is that security officers are always armed with firearms. However, in many security scenarios, unarmed security guards can be a more suitable choice.

Unit Patrol Services

Unit Patrol Services refer to mobile security patrols where security guards physically visit different locations to monitor and check for any suspicious activity.

Mobile Patrol Services

At any moment, a crisis may occur which is why we offer round-the-clock Patrol from expertly trained and licensed mobile guards. Opt for either uniformed or concealed security to safeguard the boundaries of your property.

Fire Watch Services

Houston Patrol Service has an experienced and skilled fire watch team that is best at keeping the clients guarded and fully covered while maintaining professionalism, efficiency, sound judgment, and a sense of law ethics.


Reviews From Clients

I’ve used this company for security services for 6 months and they absolutely awesome! I recommend them to anyone needing security services.

Edgar Alvarez Client

Great security company, I recommend them for any and all of your security protection needs for your business.

Lee Lopez Client

This is an awesome company for security services, I recommend them to anyone needing security at there establishments!

Bradyn Cox Client

really good security company. You can feel safe around them and also have good price. They do an excellent job! Highly recommended.

Diana Alvarez Client

They’re an amazing security company, I’ve used them for a year now and have nothing but great things to say. They’ve stoped a few break-ins at my place of business (Dealership). I definitely recommend that you give them shot if you need any type of security for your business, I will continue to use them for a very long time!


This company is amazing at doing security! They have been 100% professional since I’ve used them for over a year now. I definitely recommend them to anyone needing a security company!

Marvin Henderson Client

I use this company for a couple months now and my services have been greatly protected by run a care home facility and they have been ultra professional and super super friendly. I’d recommend them a thousand times over

patrick sano Client
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