Mobile Patrol Services

On-The-Go Security

At any moment, a crisis may occur which is why we offer round-the-clock Patrol from expertly trained and licensed mobile guards. Opt for either uniformed or concealed security to safeguard the boundaries of your property. Our services cater to a diverse array of property types including commercial buildings, construction sites, offices, condos, events and beyond.

Pros Of Our Mobile Patrol Services

As a client, you will be provided with the services of skilled patrol guards to maintain the security of your property. Our security solutions can be tailored to your specific requirements, offering complete customization. The advantages of our mobile patrol services include:

  • Safeguarding of personnel and assets on your property
  • Immediate alarm response on-site
  • Vigilance for any suspicious behavior
  • Implementation of parking regulations
  • Maintenance of authorized access control

Customized Mobile Patrol

We acknowledge that every client has unique requirements, including fluctuating busy times, financial constraints, equipment, and property administration. That’s why we pledge to collaborate with you to develop a customized, comprehensive security plan. Just tell us your needs, and we will strive to surpass your expectations.

Fire Watch Services

Firewatch security involves having a trained professional keep watch for signs of fire and take the necessary actions to prevent it from spreading. This type of security is especially important in large commercial buildings, residential buildings, and other locations that are prone to fires.

Houston Patrol Services provides fire watch security services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. With our experienced and trained fire watch personnel, clients can rest assured that their property is being monitored for fire hazards and that necessary steps will be taken to prevent fires from occurring.

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